One Day Workshops

Building Better Bridges


How many groups do you know that seem to truly enjoy each other and the work that they do?

Enjoyment isn’t required for productivity, but without it, team members often leave or only bring half their capacity in. Turnover costs $11 billion every year to American businesses.

We think that teams should be built to work.

The “Building Better Bridges” workshop begins with curiosity. We ask:

  • What is your group culture now?

  • What would you like it to be?

  • What can be learned or known about how you are together that can illuminate new paths to growth?

We’ll spend the first part of our day exploring these questions, bringing your whole team into a shared meme of common understanding and inspiration.

In the second part of the day, we’ll dive into creating the culture that you dream of. We’ll use and teach our specialized and proven tools for resolving conflict, exploring differences, creating psychological safety, catalyzing fun, and constructing the internal and external systems needed for your team to become one others want to be on.

The most striking aspect of your workshop was the fact that you gave me space to communicate our challenges to you ahead of time, without shame or fear, and then you used all of that information to carefully craft an experience that was perfectly tailored to our needs. We all left the workshop having experienced a powerful shift.

Nicholette Routhier
Terra Incognita

The listening lab


How often do you get the support you need?

Whether it’s advice, empathy, or just a friendly ear, we all need others’ input in order to thrive. When members of a company don’t know where to turn for support or how to support each other, it creates a culture in which vulnerability is discouraged. You and your team members can’t address problems that need others’ help.

This affects not only productivity and fulfillment, but even safety.

When workers on a Shell oil rig went through a communication training like the ones we offer, their accident rate went down 95%.

By training team members how to listen and support each other, we make teams that are responsive organisms, where the manager doesn’t have to solve or surface problems because everyone is on that job. Best yet, we can teach this ongoing skill in just 1-2 days. Contact us for more information!

From the start Sara was attentive and responsive. She brought a genuine curiosity to our group, wanting to know who we are, how we work and what our communication needed...She walked us through some very accessible exercises that gave people time, space and permission to say things that either don’t find their way into our standard meetings because they aren’t relevant or because they need a little more care to be spoken and heard. She helped us slow down, highlighting the ‘beats’ in the back and forth, so we could really express what we needed to be expressed and in turn, hear what was being expressed.

Juliana Frick,
Terra Incognita Dance Company


Extended Programs

authentic Leadership Training


This four-month program includes 1-2 weekend intensives, up to 8 group coaching sessions, and optional 1:1 executive coaching.

In this program, every member of your team will work together to up-level each other’s communication skills, trustability, and ability to take responsibility when problems arise, such that uncertainty becomes a fertile space and honesty is the road to a better product. All sessions are highly interactive, with a focus on participants discovering, practicing, and teaching the leadership and management skills covered.

For more information on the benefits of this training to organizations, see the document below.

I’ve been attending workshops literally for 30+ years and I think this was among the most organized and well structured that I’ve experienced. I love your transparency, willingness to give us you all you’ve got, and the fresh dynamic that you bring together as a team.

Sheri Kay
Sky Dental Practice Coaching

Custom consultation

Does your team have a particular issue or need that requires relational support?

We craft programs from 3 hours to 6 months in length for custom requests, using the same tools that we teach to ascertain and meet your specific needs. Topics may include:

  • Leadership Development

  • Team- and Trust-Building Skills

  • Stress-Reduction and Self-Care Strategies for Employees, Managers, and Students

  • Emotional Awareness and Communication


Good teams are a matter of choice, not chance.

Build them with us at AuthTeams.