We offer consulting to team leaders and companies wanting to improve their communication skills, increase interpersonal connectivity, and build a stronger sense of team purpose.

After scheduling a free consultation, we’ll do a brief organizational assessment to understand your team's needs. Then we will work with you to develop a plan tailored to your team, which may include short or longer-duration workshops, coaching, or consulting on specific organizational issues such as healthy communication, productive conflict resolution, or developing trust among teammates and coworkers.

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“Authentic Revolution helped my team to strengthen our connection with and to one another, which is particularly important given that we are 70%+ remotely based team. They showed us the importance of prioritizing connection, gave us tools to use to connect with one another, and perhaps most importantly, partnered with me to think about how to make space for this with my team on an on-going basis. I truly believe that the strength of our team’s connection is rooted in the work that we did with AR and am so grateful for the time we spent together!”

Stephanie Nelson
Chief Information Officer, Relay Graduate School of Education

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We strive to help people live more meaningful, connected and purposeful lives. Often this involves navigating ambiguities, integrating work and home life, and developing new patterns.

We work with clients by helping them identify exactly what type of change they’d like to create in their life or relationships, then providing support and accountability throughout the process.

We offer our services for managers, groups, and individual employees. Sessions take place over Zoom (video conference) or in person, and are tailored to individual needs.

“Sara Ness was a pleasure to work with. She not only provided a safe space to talk about any grievances, but also effective ways to communicate in order to remedy situations. After just a couple sessions with her, I could tell our entire team benefited from our discussions…I emerged from her sessions with an entirely new mindset of what I’m doing in my career as well as what is possible.”

Sarah Martin
People’s Pharmacy