Good teams are a matter of choice, not chance.

Authentic Revolution provides tools for building teams
that are both
highly effective and highly enjoyable to work within.

We help teams:

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Can your team share and receive feedback without defensiveness?

Is there a culture of learning, or are people afraid of making mistakes?

Do you feel comfortable communicating directly and genuinely when it’s necessary?

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Does your team see each other as humans, or just as vehicles for getting work done?

Is there a baseline of trust that allows your team to confront challenges together?

Are you fulfilled by working together?

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Does your whole team know and agree to the group’s explicit and implicit rules?

Do team members understand each other’s needs, motivations, and concerns?

Do all team members feel invested in each other’s well-being, and in the team’s goals?

Why Is This Important?


Skills that matter: Google’s Project Aristotle studied 180 teams over 2 years. They found that the strongest teams are emotionally intelligent, have high psychological safety, and develop a unified sense of purpose. These are skills we teach.


Employee health: When employees don’t connect with each other beyond surface-level work interactions, it can cause loneliness and burnout.

The former surgeon general reminds us that 50% of CEOs report feeling lonely, and the health impact of loneliness is similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


The bottom line: If employees aren't connecting, it can damage job satisfaction, and lower both performance and retention.

In one study reported by Harvard Business Review, a 2.5% increase in a hotel manager's trust score could be expected to increase profitability by $250,000 per year per hotel. Trust matters.

Participants say:

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"We all left the workshop having experienced a powerful shift."

"This meeting has been one of the best work meetings I have ever had. It made me realize how important it is to feel connected with my teammates."

“The meeting makes me feel human, and not just another worker.”

Workshop Participants,

Relay Graduate School of Education

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“Using authentic relating in the classroom and in my business has led to happier, more empowered employees who enjoy working and learning together. I recommend it to any organization interested to maximize teams, increase collaboration, craft a values or principles-based culture, design trainings, develop leaders, encourage communication, or to increase employee motivation and satisfaction.”

Becky Kangas,
Huston-Tillotson University

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“To other companies, I’d say – this is an opportunity to cut through the day to day routines of poor communication and suppressing needs and wants, and just be authentic and open with one another…[it] will save your group hours and hours of wasted time in the meeting, business, or rehearsal room.”

Hannah Gaff,
Terra Incognita Dance Company

Recent clients include: